“I want to make the switch to solar, but I’m reluctant to spend the money on a system at the moment.”

It’s completely understandable, especially in the current economic climate, to be cautious about the costs involved in investing in solar. Even the most budget-friendly systems typically require several thousand dollars be paid by the completion of the installation. However, if you’re eager to start saving on your electricity bills sooner rather than later, there are finance options available to assist you.

At Nepean Solar Solutions, we are proud partners with leading lenders Brighte and Solaris Finance, who both offer innovative solutions to help you go solar without any initial outlay. These finance providers alleviate the financial burden by covering the total cost upfront and allowing you to repay the balance through manageable installments over time.

By accessing finance options for your solar and/or battery storage system, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy right away, without waiting to save up the full amount. These include:

  • Reducing the cost of your electricity bills
  • Enhancing the value of your property
  • Reducing your reliance on the grid
  • Contributing to a greener environment

Choosing the right finance option can make a significant difference in your solar journey. Brighte and Solaris Finance both offer competitive rates and flexible terms to suit your budget and needs. Whether you prefer fixed or variable rates, longer or shorter repayment periods, these lenders can provide options that align with your financial goals. What’s more, their application and approval process is quick and easy to use, ensuring a smooth transition to solar energy for your home.

At Nepean Solar Solutions, we understand that every household’s financial situation is as unique as their energy usage. That’s why, in addition to designing systems tailored specifically to your individual needs, our team is dedicated to helping you explore the financial options that best suit your financial circumstances. We want to empower you to make informed decisions that not only benefit your wallet, but also contribute to a sustainable future.

If you have any questions, or require any further information about the finance options available to you, please feel free to reach out.  

We’re here and happy to help every step of the way!


Jim Hill, Founder and CEO Nepean Solar Solutions

Jim Hill

Founder & CEO Nepean Solar Solutions