Battery Storage


The great thing about a solar panel system, is it will never waste any of the precious electricity it generates.

Any excess electricity produced by your solar system can either:

  1. Be fed back to the grid to be used by your utility company, who will pay you a feed in tariff(usually as a credit on your energy bill)
  2. Stored in a rechargeable battery for later use

How Does Battery Storage Work?

Solar panels on their own do not have the capacity to store electricity. Any electricity generated will flow out of the panel immediately to either be used in the home or if not needed, exported to the grid. Since solar panels do not generate electricity at night, you will automatically revert to drawing energy from the grid during that period.

With the simple addition of rechargeable batteries, you can store your free, renewable energy for future use. All solar panel systems come battery ready, it’s up to you whether or not you install one.

Solar energy generated during the day will firstly be used to supply your appliances as normal. Any surplus will be directed to your battery. You can then use this stored energy any time your solar panels are not generating electricity.

However, even with a solar battery, you remain connected to the grid. This means that any further excess (after fully recharging your battery) can still be exported to accrue a feed in tariff. 

Solar Battery Installation Penrith

Why Install Battery Storage?

Become Self-sufficient

Rechargeable batteries are a great way to become self-sufficient. With your newfound energy independence, there is no need to be stressed about the risk of electricity prices rising or feed in tariffs going down as more people install solar panels.

Solar Generated Power at Your Convenience

Some rechargeable batteries can provide back-up power in the event of a blackout. Meaning no matter what happens to the grid, you can rest assured that your lights and essential appliances will still run. 

Further Reduce Your Bills

Rechargeable batteries help you use more of your solar power and reduce the amount of energy you ‘buy’ from the grid. This way, you maximise your overall energy bill savings, potentially whittling them down by up to 95%

Less Reliance on Harmful Fossil Fuels

Renewable solar power reduces the use of fossil fuels and the harmful gases they produce.  And if you happen to be off grid, for example a cabin, motorhome or boat, then a rechargeable battery is a no-brainer. It will help reduce the use of fossil fuel back-up generators.

Solar battery storage NSW

Battery Solutions

We offer a range of solar batteries from a variety of critically acclaimed brands including:

Which Battery is Right For Me?

The cost of solar battery storage can be a deterrent for many, but it is important to bear in mind that as the solar industry continues to grow, the costs of components including batteries will start to go down.

Remember, you remain connected to the grid, you can still ‘buy’ power whenever you need to, for example if your battery is empty. You can confidently buy a battery size that corresponds to both your budget and needs. The balance needs to be right. 

For example, if you have a small battery, you can reserve the energy for use during peak price periods and then revert to grid use during ‘low’ periods. This will stretch your battery’s use while still allowing you to save costs.

At Nepean Solar, we aim to provide you with a battery large enough for your energy needs, but small enough that you can use it to its capacity. 

Whether you want to add a battery to an existing solar system, or to install a solar plus storage system