Getting started is simple as calling us or sending us an enquiry! The owner, Jim, will personally get in touch with you to gather information and arrange a consultation. From the information you provide, we can draw up a preliminary design to bring along for our site visit.

Site Visit

Jim will personally complete a full inspection and evaluation of your site to find the most effection position for your install. Upon completion of his assessment, he will walk you through the best solar panel system for your needs as well as the process involved in installation. Using images of your roof, we can give you a rough visual representation of how your new solar panels will look once installed. We also calculate your payback period and offer advice on how to maximise your system usage so that you get your return on investment within 3 years (dependent of you utilising your system to its full potential). If you have questions about goverment rebates, feed in tariffs or any other aspect of solar PV systems, Jim will be happy to explain this to you in detail during the site visit.

Quote and Custom Preliminary Design

We will make the alterations to your design based on your site, needs and budget. Once complete, we will organise a time to present the installation quote to you. Prior to installtion, all approvals from your electricity network provider will be obtained on your behalf and an application will be made to your energy provider for solar metering configuration.


Upon quote acceptance, we can start installation in as little as 2 weeks (unless otherwise discussed). All installtions are completed by our team of in-house trained technicians who work to the highest professional standards. Jim will also attend to oversee the installation to completion, guaranteeing a high-quality finish. Installation includes connecting the inverter to the homeowner’s internet network and setting up inverter monitoring. We also set up daily, monthly error notification reports, so we can monitor your solar system – all at no extra cost to you. Your PV system will be fully operational at the completion of installtion so you can immediately start enjoying your savings!

Post Installation

We don’t expect you to figure it all out on your own after installation. Our trained technicians are available to assist with any questions relating to the operation and performance of your solar system. We are also happy to assist with electricity retailer price comparison or advice, selection and installation of battery storage solutions.