Protect Your Investment

If you have made the smart switch to solar, then most of your work is done. That being said, maintenance is also a crucial component if you are to protect your investment and ensure the hardware continues to work effectively.

At Nepean Solar Solutions, we are dedicated to supporting your solar panel installation needs every step of the way. That means that even after your installation is complete, we will stick around for years after, to ensure that you see the best returns over its lifetime. 

Nepean Solar Solutions is the leading company in Western Sydney to offer a full, personally tailored maintenance service to customers. If your solar panel system was fitted by a solely installation-focused company, you might find yourself panicking when something goes wrong, and the need to find a reputable electrician. 

We support all solar panel systems, even those fitted by different companies. You can count on us for comprehensive maintenance service for both existing and new solar systems to make sure you stay on top of any wear and tear. We recommend regular servicing of your inverter, panels and connections every 1 to 2 years. This keeps them running at optimum levels for as long as possible.

Solar Panel Servicing NSW

Maintenance services

Our annual maintenance package includes:

Solar panels installed on tilt on tin roof for a residential property in Seven Hills

  • Inspection of solar panels, framing and fixings to ensure the security of the system
  • Inspection cable connections and wiring
  • Inspection of inverter and generation meter
  • Electrical testing
  • Energy generation analysis
  • Repair of faulty components


Solar Panel Cleaning NSW

Our team of qualified electricians and engineers are experienced in dealing with a wide range of faults, investigation and repairs. Being a local company based in the Penrith area means we can get to you in no time! Whether you need annual maintenance or ad-hoc repairs, we will work to the highest standards to get your solar system back in working order in no time.

Do I need a maintenance package?

Have your solar panels been checked and cleaned in the last year or two? Are you confident that your system is performing as it should?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to book in for a maintenance call! Contact Us Today



We recommend that our clients install a solar monitoring system to reap the full benefits of their solar panel systems. By monitoring your solar power generation and your energy consumption patterns, these intelligent devices can help you make small adjustments that will give you even more savings. 

Real-time monitoring means you will immediately receive alerts to any malfunctions. This flags problems as they occur, so you no longer have to wait months until a high electricity bill arrives to discover that your system is underperforming.

If you make use of our recommended solar monitoring systems, then we will likely already be monitoring your solar system’s performance 24/7. You can have peace of mind knowing that the system will notify us as soon as there is an issue or if it detects underperformance. We focus on preventative maintenance, meaning we address small problems before they become significant and costly. 

Our team can troubleshoot your system remotely, or if needed, make a site visit as soon as possible, so you can get back to making those all-important savings for your home or business.

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Trained Professionals

Our friendly, trained professionals will work around you to find a convenient time to make maintenance calls. We are available for both annual maintenance and ad-hoc repairs. Whatever your needs, we can guarantee that our team will help you come to a timely resolution.

If you would like our trained staff to ensure your installation is in good working order, Contact Us Today