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In conjunction, the completion of the Gross Meter Solar contracts on the 31st of December 2016 the NSW Government introduced new rules regarding Smart Meters in NSW which brings NSW into line with the National metering arrangement and National Electricity Rules which came into effect on January 1, 2017.

Smart meters are designed to eventually replace all electrical metering throughout NSW. This will enable electrical retailers to read your electricity usage remotely hopefully stopping the irritating ‘estimate’ on your bills and the adjustments that always follow.

As the consumer, you will also be able to see your power usage in real time. If you have a Solar system you will also be able to use this information to ensure your electricity usage is in line with the production from your system.

All consumers will be able to choose their retailer and ensure that you have flexibility to change retailers should you wish easily.

Smart Meters in NSW

You will notice that there are opportunities to purchase your electricity at lower rates in off peak times which can drastically reduce your electricity costs if managed correctly.

By connecting a battery storage system to you new or existing Solar PV System, you could simply have a ‘Reposit’ System added which can manage your Solar Generation, Battery Storage and couple this to the time of use purchasing opportunity to maximise the Solar production and purchasing of power from the grid at off peak rates when additional power is required.  

NSW Distributor Electricity Charges;

All three electrical distribution areas have different charge rates for their electricity. It is worth your while to have a good understanding of what you should expect to pay for your power and when.

The three areas are;

Endeavour Energy. Western suburbs of Sydney and South Coast.


Ausgrid. Sydney.


Essential Energy. Country areas of NSW.



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