Solar Analytics System Monitoring

Keeping track of your system’s performance

After getting your quality solar & battery system installed by Nepean Solar Solutions, you might want to forget about it since it will work on its own.

But if you see your electricity bills are still on the high side or the PV system isn’t working as expected, something might be wrong.

Even though most solar systems have a meter via the inverter, it’s not the best for checking how much energy you use, or if your system is performing as expected.

By adding the Solar Analytics solar monitoring software you can make sure your system works at its peak, and there are many other benefits that come with it.

Solar Monitoring Penrith

Discover the 6 key benefits

1 | Risk-free trial

The 30 day free trial gives you the opportunity to trial these 6 benefits at no cost. Ask us a Nepean Solar Solutions how to get access, and we will delighted to assist you.

2 | Plan Optimiser

Plan Optimiser makes use of a wide ranging comparison tool to select the most suitable electricity plan form the hundreds on offer. By getting recommendations of the best plan for you, an additional annual saving of $400 can be achieved, year after year.

3 | Savings analysis

Take charge of your energy expenses with our savings calculator. This app provides you with a precise picture of your daily solar savings and you future expected electricity bills. It puts into numbers the clear financial benefits your solar system delivers day after day.

4 | True performance monitoring

Ensure your solar is working at its best. If there’s an issue, be it dirty panels, underperforming inverter or a faulty MC4 plug, the true performance tool will send you an alert through email or text, that your system is performing less than expected. You can then contact Nepean Solar Solution to check your solar array and restore the system to full performance.

The Solar Analytics performance monitoring algorithm offers you an independent watchful eye overseeing your solar performance, every day, year after year.

5 | Energy insights

Gain detailed insights into your energy usage patterns and discover optimal times to use your solar power to run energy intensive appliances. By maximising the generated solar inside your home to pre-cool or pre-heat in the middle of the day you will achieve ongoing cost savings.

6 | Battery calculator

Many of us looking forward to purchasing a home storage battery and down the track maybe even an EV. But when is the right time to invest? Stay informed about your solar export and consumption. Solar Analytics can give you alerts indicating the best time to invest in a battery. The software will also give you guidance on the right battery size for your needs.

Great solar monitoring that makes you money

“Solar Analytics stands out as a top-tier option for monitoring your solar system. This Australian-based software is compatible with solar installations of any size, age, or brand.”

Markus Lambert, CEO, Your Energy Answers

Solar Analytics – Going beyond standard monitoring

Solar Analytics software seamlessly integrates with your inverter or a separate device, providing insights into your electricity consumption, solar energy production, and system health. It also identifies the most cost-effective electricity plans year after year.

For those who opt for Solar Analytics’ supplementary hardware, it can measure multiple circuits in your switchboard, allowing you to monitor individual loads or appliances.

Solar power Monitoring NSW
Solar power Monitoring NSW

So easy to use

Your individual solar data is accessible through a mobile app or online, showing the power usage of your home or business throughout the day and night. You can even scroll back and see past production and consumption patterns.

Using weather data, specific system details, and unique algorithms, the monitoring smarts assesses your system’s efficiency and alerts you about any issues through the app or website.

By monitoring solar performance, users can optimise their energy use during peak production times. This also helps in identifying any solar performance discrepancies over time, ensuring issues are addressed before they escalate.

Having earned a excellent 4.6-star rating from app enthusiasts for user friendliness and receiving positive feedback for its visual clarity, this innovative Australian software stands out in its field.

Solar Analytics – in summary

Get a SMS or email alert if there is anything unusual happening with your set up

Identify the best energy plan for you and your family

Spot times when electricity usage is highest during the day, and make corrections

Understand the impact of weather and shading on your PV setup

Monitor your solar power generation and consumption live, with updates every 5 minutes

Evaluate the best battery size for your property based on production patterns, in case you consider adding a battery in the future

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Our recommendation

You can get all these great benefits in the palm of your hand via solar analytics user friendly app.

This is why Nepean Solar Solutions recommends Solar Analytics Smart Monitor to any customers who want easy to understand tracking of their solar output and real time updates on any issues with their systems.

Solar Analytics is the ultimate solution for comprehensive solar monitoring, designed to seamlessly integrate with all solar systems, regardless of their age or brand. If you want maximum savings for decades – track your system with this Australian monitoring software.

Solar Monitoring Penrith

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key advantages of a good solar monitor solution?

At Nepean Solar Solutions, we advocate the adoption of solar monitoring systems to optimise the return on your solar investment. Harnessing the power of a solar monitoring system, you gain comprehensive insights into your energy generation and consumption behaviours.

Advantage 1: Real time energy insights
Updated every 5 seconds, the solar monitoring interface provides immediate data on energy production. For those interested in long-term patterns, user-friendly infographics detail trends for chosen durations.

Advantage 2: Prompt notifications of malfunctions
In the event of system anomalies or underperformance, the monitoring app promptly alerts you, helping you avoid unexpected spikes in your electricity charges. Moreover, it pinpoints the exact origin of the issue.

Advantage 3: Assured reliable performance
A quality solar monitoring tools will work for many years. This gives users confidence in the system’s consistent performance and safety.

Advantage 4: Round the clock over-sight
Nepean Solar Solutions offers uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring, assisting in avoiding unforeseen bill hikes. Should there be a system hiccup, remote troubleshooting ensures minimised downtime, keeping your savings intact.

Advantage 5: Optimised savings
True solar monitoring, such as Solar Analytics evaluates both energy output and intake, empowering you to fully leverage your solar system and associated batteries. An enhanced understanding of energy dynamics allows for informed, efficient use.

High-energy appliances, such as washing machines, pool systems, and major air-conditioning units, can be serious power consumers. Are you using these habitually in the evening? You’re likely drawing from the grid and adding to you electricity bill.

Solar Analytics astutely gives you the data to work out the optimal operational times for such devices, further driving down expenses. A touch of strategic planning lets you schedule appliance operations uniformly throughout daylight hours. This distributed energy use reduces grid dependency.

If you’re considering incorporating Solar Analytics in your solar installation, or retrofitting them to a pre-existing setup, we’re here to assist.

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