Are you one of the households who has a solar system, but your electricity bills keep increasing? 

In the short video below, Jim Hill, founder and CEO of Nepean Solar Solutions, explains why your energy bills are going up, and how you can maximise the benefits of your solar system.

In summary, electricity prices have surged by 40%, while the feed-in tariffs have plummeted from 22 cents per kw to 0.07 cents per kw. It’s no wonder electricity bills are on the rise.

On a positive note, the cost for solar battery storage has dropped significantly. We now offer a range of high-quality, budget-friendly options through to Tesla, all installed with absolute confidence from a local solar company you know and trust.

Moreover, we’ve seen the cost of solar panels drop by 40%. Don’t forget, you can once again claim STC rebates when upgrading your solar system or adding on panels. We can arrange this for you.

My team and I are committed to help ease the cost-of-living pressure on you and your family. Contact us to discuss your options.

Let’s create a better tomorrow together!


Jim Hill, founder and CEO of Nepean Solar Solutions, standing beside Tesla Battery.
Jim Hill
Founder and CEO
Nepean Solar Solutions

PS. Please note that we offer comprehensive finance solutions for your convenience.